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Sunny Foods Co., Ltd.

May 1, 2020 Sunny Foods Co., Ltd., obtained certification under FSSC 22000, the international standard for Food Safety Management Systems. While increasing awareness of sanitation and hygiene practices, we will continuously strive to ensure safe and secure manufacturing of food products.

What company is Sunny Foods Co., Ltd., like?

Sunny Foods is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Tokai Denpun, and as a factory specialized in raw material processing, mainly engaged in special processing of starch customized to customer needs, as well as repacking of starch for such purposes as blending, weight reduction, and sanitary control. With its technical capabilities in coordination with Research & Development Office, the company makes a variety of proposals, including the development of products that realize the tastiness of food using starch and additional values of healthiness, customized blending of starch products, and physical processing treatment.

Major products and services

Major products and services
[Manufacturing of blended starch customized to customers]
Sunny Foods responds to such voices as Its difficult to measure starch inside the company due to the shortage of labor, We want to streamline the preparation process that involves several kinds of starch, and We want to improve powder spill of imported starch and dirt on its exterior packages. Additionally, the company has functions specialized in starch manufacturing that make full use of its factorys own know-how and quality-control function with which they produce unique starch products based on Tokai Denpun Starch Groups new-product development business and responds to special recipes based on Tokai Denpun Research & Development Offices customer-problem solution business. By implementing highly accurate uniform blending, mesh screening, and metal detection, Sunny Foods realize blending meeting customer needs and safe and secure products.

[Increasing convenience by weight-reduced repacking]
The weight of a pack of starch traditionally has been 25 kg, but Sunny Foods can customize the weight setting in accordance with the number of workers at the customers site or the size of a store. The weight can be reduced up to 10 kg at minimum by repacking, which decreases the burden of carrying tasks. It is also possible to blend two kinds of starch and repack it at a weight of one batch. This lets you omit measuring and blending at your factory.

Flow of product manufacturing

Flow of product manufacturing
Having conducted equipment repair from March to September 2017, Sunny Foods has started efforts toward obtaining the ISO 22000 certification, which in an international standard of food safety management system, aiming at safe and secure providing of products following ISO 9001. Based on thorough quality control in coordination with Quality Management Department of Tokai Denpun, Sunny Foods provides products that can satisfy all the clients.

Aspiration of Sunny Foods

Expectations on starch processing techniques have been significantly increasing in these few years. In this age when the food culture is keeping on maturing, it must be a social mission for Sunny Foods clients who are engaged in the field of food to continue to pursue not only safety but also tastiness and healthiness. So that they can carry out their mission, Sunny Foods supports them as a specialized factory that can actively make proposals for their solving problems about starch, and in coordination with Tokai Denpun Starch Group and Research & Development Office. By polishing the specialty of starch processing, the company contributes to the growth of further richer food culture.

Corporate History

1970 Midori Seijo Yasai Co., Ltd., was established
May 1975 Corporate name was changed to Sunny Foods Co., Ltd.
September 2004 Relocated from Yanagi-cho in Shizuoka City to the current address (Ryutsu Center, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi)
September 2017 Earthquake-resistant construction and production-line relocation/expansion construction were completed
May 2020 Sunny Foods Co., Ltd., obtained FSSC 22000 certification.

Pictures of the factory

Pictures of the factory

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11-6 Ryutsu Center, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 420-0922


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