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Star Agri Co., Ltd.

Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido Prefecture

The Sorachi area is one of the richest grain-growing regions in Hokkaido Prefecture. In this area, Iwamizawa City, located in the central part of the Ishikari Plain, is especially blessed with rich water and is relatively warm, although located in one of the heaviest snowfall areas in the prefecture, making it an important spot for Hokkaidos rice cultivation. The area used to flourish with coal mining and had been a key spot for transportation from ancient times. Currently the area is based upon agriculture as a major production area for rice as well as wheat, beans, onions, and other products.

What company is Star Agri Co., Ltd. like?

Entrusted by its parent company Tokai Denpun, locally based Star Agri mills rice mainly produced in Iwamizawa City. They mill high-quality Hokkaido rice represented by Nanatsuboshi and Yumepirika in cooperation with large Hokkaido farmers who are professionals in agriculture, efficiently using their unique technology to focus on quality. Their products are distributed across the country for processed food products, professional use, and mass merchants.

Major products

Major products
This variety of rice was born in Hokkaido from the parents of Akiho and Hitomebore, which are popular varieties of Hokkaido rice. Each grain of rice shines like snow, and boasts an excellent balance of gloss, stickiness, and sweetness. Because you dont get tired of it even if you eat it every day, the rice is produced and consumed more than other varieties of Hokkaido rice. While it is suited to sushi and boxed lunches because its tastiness lasts a long time even after getting cold, it also is often evaluated that it tastes even better than Koshihikari or Hitomebore right after being cooked.

This variety of rice is soft, glossy, and modestly sticky right after being cooked. It maintains its sweetness and tastiness even after getting cold. It is highly complete and is acclaimed as a type of Hokkaido rice even competitive with Koshihikari. Additionally, it boasts high yield performance because the grains are thick, and gaps in quality among production areas are small because there are few individual differences. The name is a combination of the yume (dream) of the citizens of Hokkaido wanting to deliver the tastiest rice in Japan, and pirika that means beautiful in the Ainu language. The rice is expected to take charge of the next generation of Hokkaido rice.

Flow of product manufacturing

Flow of product manufacturing
In the major flow from storage, milling, inspection, milling, and color screening to milling, what they are especially focusing on are the processes of screening and polishing. The purpose of rice changes depending on the degree of polishing. Their rice-milling factory is equipped with many rice-milling machines and screening machines in order to manufacture a wide variety, including rice for frozen foods and for restaurants. Through as many as 24 segmentalized processes, they recognize the whiteness and transparency of rice and adjust the degree of polishing in order to develop various kinds of products.

Processes of rice milling Processes of rice milling

Passion of Star Agri

Star Agris business is based upon their connections to the farmers in Hokkaido, especially in Iwamizawa City. Their mission is to promote the tasty Hokkaido rice all over Japan in cooperation with the Hokkaido farmers. They sometimes take customers from outside the prefecture to a local rice field as an opportunity to directly tell them of their efforts and passion for rice making. With rice milled on-site soon after harvest by Star Agri, who knows the local farmers well, instead of being sold through businesses based on purchases from a distant place, the added value of Hokkaido rice as a brand is increased. Having a rice-milling factory in Iwamizawa is a great strength of Star Agri.
Additionally, they not only connect producers and consumers but also want to foster next-generation bearers of agriculture through their rice-milling business. Looking at 10 years, 20 years, or even 100 years from now, they will always work with producers and conduct business that can support agriculture itself.

Corporate history

1994 Star Agri Co., Ltd., was established.
2008 The Sapporo branch was established.
2013 The Iwamizawa rice-milling factory branch was established.
2015 The Tokyo branch was established. / Iwamizawa factory obtained ISO 90012008 certification.
2016 The new Iwamizawa factory was built. / The Sapporo branch obtained ISO 90012008 certification.

Pictures of the factory

Pictures of the factory

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18-16 Okayama-cho, Iwamizawa-shi, Hokkaido 079-0181
Tel0126-22-3156 Fax0126-22-3215

[Iwamizawa Factory]
18-16 Okayama-cho, Iwamizawa-shi, Hokkaido 079-0181
Tel0126-22-3156 Fax0126-22-3215

[Sapporo Branch]
Shinwa Bldg. 3rd Floor, 3-2-36 Nijuyonken-nijo, Nishi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 063-0802
Tel011-676-8155/ IP-Phone050-3368-8371/ Fax011-640-2252


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