CSR Activities


Quality Control

TDC's Quality Control
Safety is an issue of the highest priority for a company that handles food. In order to let our customers feel secure, we established a system for quality control and assurance under the direct control of our president.
Ensuring the safety of the products we handle
Quality Assurance Group
  • Checking the laws and regulations related to food and informing all employees (food sanitation, JAS, food labeling act, etc.)
  • Closely examining the contents of written quality assurances and written specifications and compiling databases of product information
  • Conducting training for employees on quality assurance
Checking the current status of manufacturing sites and promoting improvements
Quality Control Group
  • Giving guidance on technical/sanitary management mainly for overseas food factories and supporting their quality-control systems
  • Assisting in product development jointly with suppliers
  • Analyzing factors for problems pointed out and preventing their recurrence


We check the contents of written quality assurances provided by suppliers; check the current status of manufacturing processes and sanitary/quality control systems at factories and promote improvements, which is done by assigned staff; and conduct training sessions on quality assurance/control for our employees. We are making efforts to be able to deliver safe and tasty products by working as one not only with our employees but also in cooperation with suppliers.

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certification

In order to provide more ensured services, all group companies are working to obtain and maintain ISO 9001 certification, an international quality control standard, on our purchasing/selling of food, raw materials, and processed food products, as well as the development and manufacturing of processed fisheries products.

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