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Information Security

The TDC Group, in order to be able to meet clients and other interested parties requirements on the handling of information with trust and without betraying their expectations while maintaining the usefulness of information in our business, we have established the Basic Policy on Information Security as follows.

Basic Policy on Information Security

We as a member of an information-oriented society, while encouraging the usefulness of information, present the following basic policy on information security and promote its observance in order to meet the deep trust of society, as well as to protect and manage the information that we have acquired from and/or disclosed by our customers and clients for the information assets that we possess.

  1. We act based on the information security guidelines established by us in order to protect all the information related to our business.
  2. We observe related laws and regulations and other norms.
  3. We address the prevention of information leakage, falsification, and destruction.
  4. We have all the employees recognize the significance of information security, and educate and train them to be able to use information properly.
  5. We appropriately sort out the information we handle according to its contents, and implement information security measures in accordance with the degree of significance of information.
  6. We maintain, regularly review and continuously make efforts to improve the aforementioned activities.

Kenji Mori
President of Tokai Denpun Co., Ltd.
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