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Greetings from the President

industry.Greetings from Hiroshi Hayama, the President Greetings from the President

Corporate Philosophy

Introduction to Tokai Denpuns Corporate Philosophy, Management Philosophy and Six Courses of Action Corporate Philosophy

Company Profile

Introduction to the company profile of Tokai Denpun Company Profile


Everything started from making starch half a century ago.History of Tokai Denpun Co., Ltd. History

Department Information

Introduction to the organization of Tokai Denpun consisting of 19 groups. Lists of products also available Department Information

Branch and Office Information

Introduction to the offices of Tokai Denpun including domestic and overseas branches Branch and Office Information

Group Companies

Introduction to our group companies that conduct from production and processing to sales Group Companies

Overseas Business

Tokai Denpuns overseas business, which expands the world of food Overseas Business

Performance Report

Introduction to our performance report Performance Report

Electronic Public Notices

Introduction to our legal notice and settlement of accounts notice Electronic Public Notices

Company Brochure (PDF)

PDF data of Tokai Denpun Group's corporate brochure. Company Brochure (PDF)
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